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Rocky Point Golf Course

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Rocky Point Golf Course 

3 is the average rating for Rocky Point Golf Course
22 golfers have reviewed Rocky Point Golf Course 

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1 to 5 sliding scale, 1 = Double Bogey and 5 = Eagle

Posted by Adam, Mount Airy, MD on 3/9/2010 1:18:44 PM Mount Airy, MD
First round out after the Blizzard of 2010. Course was in rather good shape. I had expected it to mushier but it really wasn't. Greens rolled faster than expected. The only problem was that the bunkers were a little hard, but what should we expect at this time of year? Great course overall.

Posted by Adam, Mount Airy, MD on 6/1/2009 9:06:54 PM Mount Airy, MD
I like Rocky Pointe very much. The four holes on the back nine that are next to the bay are great. I consider this course the "Pebble Beach" of Maryland. I don't think they were able to get a mower on the course the last few days due to the heavy rain. This caused the greens to be slow and a bit bumpy when they are usually smooth and fast. I'm sure this will be worked out after a few dry days. Rough was very penalizing! The sand in the bunkers was great. Lack of cart girl was surprising.

Posted by Vinson, Boyds, MD on 6/1/2009 4:04:58 PM Boyds, MD
Played here recently and the course is in good shape. The front 9 is wide open and this where you can score low. The back 9 is a bit more challenging with long par 3's and par 4's. The scenery is great with the Chesapeake along side the course, but interestingly enough, the water does NOT come to play at all.

Posted by Herb, Baltimore, MD on 9/5/2007 4:41:46 PM Baltimore, MD
This is one of the longer municipal courses in the Baltimore area - 6,753 yards from the tips. But, if you want to play it the way it was designed, don't play it from where they've set up the tee boxes - on about 7 of 18 holes, the tee boxes have been moved forward from 30 - 50 yards but the course rating and slope have not been adjusted. In one case I noticed the white tee box was forward of the regulation ladies' tee distance. According to one of the course marshals, this is their solution for speeding up play. Since I'm trying to establish a handicap, I played it from the regulation distances. We kept up with the group in front of us and finished in 5 hrs. 10 mins. Those problems aside, I enjoy this course when I have 5 hours to blow.

Posted by Jeremy, Washington, DC on 8/10/2006 7:37:13 PM Washington, DC
The course was ok for a muni but nothing special. The staff, especially the starter, were fairly rude. The course itself is pretty but unexciting and the black flies made holes 10-13 a miserable experience.

Posted by Chad, Baltimore, MD on 5/29/2006 9:48:53 PM Baltimore, MD
Decent muni type with some water. Gotta think some but can spray off the tee on some holes. I do seem to spary off the tee so good from my type of game. The good player might get bored but price is decent.

Posted by Ken, Catonsville, MD on 4/18/2006 5:58:01 PM Catonsville, MD
For a Muni, if you catch it at the right time, it can be great (maybe good). BUT, can tend to wet, or windy, or not in the best shape. Being on the water, you may have very sloppy conditions, or a 400 yd par 4 into a 25mph wind (or sideways). Many days it is a bargain, just make sure you guess right.

Posted by Ryan, Windsor Mill, MD on 1/9/2006 4:01:50 PM Windsor Mill, MD
Plays too long to be a municipal course that services so many people. Tired of waiting 10 minutes as a double-bogey golfers try to mash a 260-yard second to a par-5. Better off playing one of the city courses!

Posted by Emily, Columbia, MD on 8/30/2005 4:22:16 PM Columbia, MD
This course has great bay views. It sounds like the conditions have gone downhill since I played here in July. Regardless, I won't hesitate to return to this course as the layout is fun and the element of nature can't be beat by any other Baltimore County course.

Double Bogey
Posted by Mike, Baltimore, MD on 8/26/2005 10:45:59 AM Baltimore, MD
Played on 8/24. Greens and fairways were horrible. Don't waste your money.

Posted by Robbie, Baldwin, MD on 8/11/2005 3:19:39 AM Baldwin, MD
Wow...I visited Rocky Point about a week and a half ago based on what everybody here said. I was very dissapointed with what I got for the money. It was a long drive for what we got. The fairways were in terrible were the tee boxes. The only good things were the great shape of the greens...other than that, I almost took pity on the place. You would think that with such a great position of being on the Chesapeake that they would take better care of it. Bring plenty of bug spray if you guys go...I won't be going back.

Posted by Jeff, Baltimore, MD on 7/26/2005 8:30:00 AM Baltimore, MD
Have really made some nice improvements since I last played. The added fairway bunkers and renovated greenside bunkers was a outstanding improvement. The water views now are simply gorgeous. Well worth the price of admission. Only problem is that Rocky Point is no longer a secret, was quite crowded when I played. That was really surprising with heat index numbers in the 100's, but the breeze along the water was truly refreshing.

Posted by Tim, Randallstown, MD on 7/14/2005 3:52:50 PM Randallstown, MD
They have really improved this course since last year. The greens are firmer and faster plus the addition of fairway bunkers has made this a more challenging course. Don't miss the beauty of #11, one of the most beautiful holes in the area. This course is a gem to play.

Posted by June, Curtis Bay, MD on 7/4/2005 3:20:14 PM Curtis Bay, MD
Good value for the money. Fairly flat course with bunkers and several waterside holes. The par 3's will surprise you, much more difficult than they appear at first. Bring mosquito repellent mid-summer, they are fairly thick around the water. A busy course on the weekends.

Posted by Charlie, Columbia, MD on 5/4/2005 12:38:04 PM Columbia, MD
Over the winter, the back 9 (along the river) has had most of the dense brush removed. The trees are still there but it is now possible to find your ball among them. Plus, the water views are much improved. The par 3 11th hole now is picturesque with the elevated tee and the river behind and to the right of the green. They are also replacing all of the sand traps with soft white sand (same as they did at Diamond Ridge, another Baltimore County Course). In sum, a nice play for the money.

Posted by Tim, Aberdeen, MD on 4/26/2005 11:44:45 AM Aberdeen, MD
Rocky Point = Rocky fairways, course seemed bare in places, watch out for local hacks & stray balls! Plays fairly easy being wide open.

Posted by Dave, Columbia, MD on 9/22/2004 6:04:56 PM Columbia, MD
Wide open fairways and HUGE greens means FUN.Swing away with big stick and approach shots can be less than perfect.You will have birdie putts from 50-60 feet. Beer carts come around just in time and your foursome will be having a good time. Even with beers and a nice sandwich, you will have paid less than new, expensive outrageously expensive gimmicky courses. Plus, you get views of the Bay. Leave tight, new, expensive, cart path only courses to those who don't know how to have fun playing golf.

Posted by Willie, MD on 8/9/2004 1:51:32 PM MD
Great course for beginers, friendly staff, great looking course and low prices! always spots open!

Posted by Ken, Richmond, VA on 8/7/2004 11:33:47 PM Richmond, VA
Great course to work on your game before you take it to the upper level! The greens are very nice, but somewhat slow. The fairways look good, but are kinda leafy in areas. The course is very bueatiful, but just dosen't "DO IT" for me. I would reccomend it, if in the area, but expect just a good "grinder" course. You can have a pretty decent round, even if you don't find every fairway....they keep it clean! Keep your rangefinder in hand, it's hard to figure yardage there!

Posted by Toby, Essex, MD on 8/7/2004 10:27:33 PM Essex, MD
Wide fairways, large round greens with views of the Chesapeake. Course was in fair shape. Tee boxs a bit worn and fairways were spotty in places. The greens were in great shape, rolling at a medium pace and very receptive to good iron shots. The better player should have no problem having a good score at Rocky Point. A couple of the Par 5's are reachable in two but do have some good risk reward shots over hazards and water which could make your choice of club difficult. Some long Par 3s to.

Posted by Steve, Baltimore, MD on 8/6/2004 7:51:41 AM Baltimore, MD
This is a nice course. The par 5's on the back are short and reachable in 2 for average golfers, but with reasonable risk reward. The greens are large and with many hills. For the money in this area this course offers great value.

Posted by Jeff, Maryland on 8/3/2004 9:21:29 AM Maryland
I would rate Rocky Point between 3-4. The course is in fairly good shape and the layout is nice. The back nine is especially scenic with many holes having views of the Chesapeake. I have played this course in the fall and the views were absolutely gorgeous. The course is not crowded at all and a weekday round after noon is only $22.00 including the cart and a foursome can play in less than four hours. I would recoomend this course to anyone with an afternoon to kill looking for a bargain.

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