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Shawnee Inn Golf Course Blue Red

Deep within the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania is an island. Yes that's right an island; near the picturesque Delaware Water Gap in the middle of the Delaware River is an island. And on this island you will find 24 outstanding holes of the 27 that make up the Shawnee Inn Golf Course.

Originally designed and built in 1906 by infamous golf architect A.W. Tillinghast, it has long been know as one of the gems on the east coast.

With some tight tree lined fairways and Par 3 greens with no room from error from the tee, Shawnee is a true "shot makers" course.

The ability to accurately strike the ball with directional precision should leave you in good shape to score well. But if your tendency is to spread your ball around you could be in trouble on some holes fast at Shawnee.

The ability to hit the long tee shot will put you into position on the Par 5's. The Par 5's are reachable in two but the testy green side bunkers come into play, so pay attention to your course management.

At the time of our visit the course was in excellent condition. We were mired in a serious east coast rain storm and the course held up wonderfully.

Even though the rain did soak our ability to play the game, the drainage on both the fairways and greens was not much of an issue on any hole played before play was suspended.

Amigos favorite Hole: Our favorite hole was not even one we played because of the rain. But we were able to observe a couple of foursomes play the hole the day before.

On the Friday afternoon before our round we took out a cart to preview the course and take pictures prior to the in pending rain.

The Number 2 hole on the red course is a 159 yard Par 3 with an extreme test of accuracy. From the tee your faced with a tee shot across the Delaware River onto the island.

You can see from the picture to the right above, accuracy is the key to playing the hole well. Any shot hit fat, pushed right or hooked left will be severely affected. The only escape is to hit it hard and if anything make sure your take enough club up to the tee because on this hole the only safe area is beyond the green straight ahead.

Review Date: 05/31/2003

Course review ratings are conducted on a five point scale. ( 1 = Double Bogey 3 = Par 5 = Eagle)

Three levels and nicely maintained. Some of the Par 5s are reachable in two from the blues for the longer hitters.
The fairways were excellent shape. Nice to hit from and acutely maintained. One of the courses best aspects.

Discernible 2nd to 3rd cut and thick at times. Probably more due to all the rain but a definite challenge and punishing if accuracy is off.

The trap placements and design is outstanding with a varying number of deep sod type bunkers to classic fairway bunkers. During our visit some of the traps were being re tooled for seasonal maintenance. Once completed and filled with quality sand they should be outstanding.

Most of the greens were in excellent shape and the design features are ever changing. No particular style is dominate; some have lots of undulation and other greens are large with more subtle surface changes. The greens rolled very true and were not overwhelmingly fast which is good for us weekend golfers.

This historic Inn is a great place to spend a night or weekend. The clubhouse is in the lower level of the Inn and has everything you could need or want. On the island there is a "half-way" house that is appropriately placed after each nine for those "at the turn" refreshments or quick bite to eat. A large expansive putting green is right in front of the Inn and a driving range is available to work out those minor swing changes before your round.

Staff Services:
The entire staff was very attentive. The starter was thoroughly descriptive and the after round cleaning of clubs is always a nice touch.

Pace of Play:
The Marshall was out and about keeping pace in check. There was minimal wait even though it was a busy weekend for the course.

Overall Average: 4.16, Birdie Course
Good Course, worth a play

The GolfinAmigos would like to thank Mr. Joe Stead the Manger of the Shawnee Inn Island Golf Course for allowing us to visit and review the course.

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Location: 1 River Road, Shawnee PA 18356
Tee Time Phone: 570-424-4000
Course Type: Resort 

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